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Cleaning Consulting 

Sunny Side Cleaning consultancy services are available locally, nationally, and internationally. Contact us with any questions or for an initial quote to help transform your building's image to sparkling clean!

We care so much about cleanliness that we want to share that commitment and passion with in-house

janitorial service providers. Our specialist consultancy packages tackle and resolve the core problems faced by

janitorial teams nationwide: cutting costs, increasing quality, and improving staff. We use a wide range of

methods to analyze and evaluate your current services in order to determine how you can improve your quality,

save money on your janitorial budget, and hire, train and retain high-quality employees.

Why Consult With Sunny Side?

It's incredible how much a sparkling clean building can positively affect both customers and employees. It's

even more incredible how consistently clean and beautiful surroundings can save you money in a variety of ways.

Weather your business is a hotel, office facility, restaurant, or medical facility, your potential customers are much

more likely to return to your hotel, utilize your company, or buy your product or service if your building is

impressively clean and tidy. Cleanliness is associated with professionalism, quality, and efficiency. Customers are

happier and more comfortable in clean, healthy surroundings. They are more likely to want to spend their money on your products or services when they are

experiencing a high standard of customer care through being in your bright and clean building. We help you achieve these results with our professional and experienced consultants.


Employees are happier and more productive when their environment is clean and uncluttered, leading to more efficiently run businesses, better customer service, and more committed staff. A clean building is a healthy building. Employee absenteeism and its associated costs will be dramatically reduced when proper cleaning practices and cleaning for health procedures are consistently applied by janitors. When employees are healthy and operating at their full potential, every aspect of your business will run smoother, and customers will experience higher quality of service and a higher level of satisfaction.


The overall effect of a cleaner building on your business will be happier customers and employees and higher profits. Sunny Side is the highest rated company in the region, operating at the level of the top nationwide and international cleaning companies. We are uniquely suited to guide your building or business into a new level of cleanliness, customer satisfaction, and profitability.



Sunny Side Consultancy Packages

We have a suite of janitorial consultancy packages, tailor-made with your specific needs and requirements in mind. Packages can be adjusted or extended on request to include extra consultancy services or to reflect the needs of specific buildings and companies. If you have multiple buildings or locations that require consultancy services, we can offer a promotional custom package to cover all your building needs, saving you time and money.

Package 1 – The Mini-Consultancy Package

Do you want to see a huge positive improvement without a huge investment? Our popular mini-consultancy package is for you! Using a secret guest service combined with staff surveying tools, we compile a Suggested Strategies Report complete with implementation procedures and solutions. A full-day operations re-training session is offered to lead managers and janitors in their implementation of improved procedures. Telephone and email support is included post-consultancy, and will be available for up to eight weeks after consultancy is complete.

Package 2 – Complete Consultancy Package

If you want a complete revamp of your in-house services for maximum cost savings and quality increases, our Complete Consultancy Package is for you. Full on-site and staff surveys will be conducted, including analysis and review of current training, quality control, operational cleaning, equipment and supply, and management practices and procedures. Costs, budgets and labor analysis will be conducted to find savings opportunities and reduce your janitorial costs. Full evaluation and performance reviews will be conducted of all janitorial employees, including management.


A complete post-consultancy report will outline all recommended procedures, and our world-class consultants will personally guide your business through the initial stages of janitorial reform with two days of on-site, hands-on post-consultancy training and management. Telephone and email support is available for six months after consultancy is complete. Post-consultancy bi-annual or annual Sunny Side audits are available on request.




Package 3 – Ultimate Cost-Saving Consultancy Package

Our “deep clean” of your janitorial practices, the Ultimate Cost-Saving Consultancy Package applies all the cutting-edge technical analyses and cost-saving procedures used by our national competitors to your building. Additional procedures and their benefits include:


→ Benchmarking FTE for precisely calculated labor costs analysis and implementation

→ Creation of cleaning quality metrics and a tailor-made quality control system with full specification paperwork

→ Extensive evaluation and re-training of all janitorial staff
→ Complete staff training program creation with full custom operations manual creation
→ Full review of all equipment and supply, budgeting analysis and review, suggested purchases and repairs and equipment upgrade savings report

→ KPIs-based work specifications & program standardization

→ Customized creation and implementation of a proactive quality control management system

→ Between two to four days of on-site consultancy management during training & transition period

→ Leadership development and middle management training programs for quality control

→ Biannual Sunny Side audit included for two years after consultancy is completed
→ Telephone and email support included for five years after consultancy is completed
→ Cleaning for Health and Green Cleaning optimization programmes available on request


Through technical and financial cost analyses, we will create an international-level standard of cleanliness and janitorial services for your building. Your business will exude professionalism, your profitability will grow and your cleaning staff will be trained and equipped to maintain industry-leading standards of cleanliness.


Package 4 Post-Construction Management & Pre-Operation Consultancy Package

Is your building almost ready to open, and you want to implement the highest standard of cleanliness from the first day of operations? Sunny Side consultancy services can help you. With our extensive experience in post-construction cleans of buildings large and small, we can oversee your post-construction clean and help get your building off to the cleanest possible start through co-ordinating initial janitorial services. We offer a mixed package of post-construction cleaning management, pre-operational consultancy, and assistance with transition to in-house janitorial management.



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